Throughout the year, Geben offers services pro bono to help The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, a local non-profit, leverage digital PR to achieve their mission of investing in the potential of women and girls. Keyholder – The Women’s Fund’s annual fundraiser – has grown significantly over the past few years. In 2012, The Women’s Fund decided to elevate the event to an even higher level, bringing Whoopi Goldberg to town. 



 The challenge? To accommodate Whoopi’s TV commitments and previously scheduled events, The Women’s Fund had to hold Keyholder on June 29 — a Friday right before a major vacation week. Plus, bringing someone of Whoopi’s caliber to town also required moving the event to a larger venue. In other words, a LOT more tickets needed to be sold to make the math work.



A month before tickets went on sale (and before publicly announcing Whoopi as the featured guest), we used LaunchRock to build anticipation and collect email addresses for potential ticket buyers. In addition to promoting the page on social media, we also asked local influencers to share the information and link with their networks. In just three weeks, more than 500 people signed up to receive the news when tickets went on sale. Then, around one month before Keyholder, Geben partnered with eight additional influencers – a combination of well-connected women and local mom, lifestyle, business bloggers – to help drive last-minute ticket sales.


Together, the pre- and post-launch influencer marketing campaigns were critical in laying the foundation for a successful event, resulting in more tickets sold in 2012 than any previous year.