Social Media Strategy

We understand that compelling social content can connect you to the right audiences, drive media interest, build relationships and amplify the presence of an organization online. Geben can develop an authentic social voice and provide the tools for effective community management that ties back to your short- and long- term goals. 


Discovery + Research

During the Discovery Phase, our team will review and assess existing social platforms and digital assets. This deep dive will provide us with a robust understanding of your existing social presence so that we can identify opportunities for growth, expansion and streamlining. Once Geben has completed the audit and compiled our research, we will present the findings to your team.


Based on discovery and research findings, we will develop a customized social media strategy centered around identified goals and opportunities. The plan will include the following components: 

  • Foundation (Goals, Purpose, Target Audiences)
  • Channel Overview
  • Workflow Recommendation
  • Content Amplification

Metrics + Analysis

Geben will execute the strategy for a set period of time. After implementation, we’ll update the plan to reflect the key learnings discovered as well as performance indicators to benchmark and track progress.

We'll familiarize your team with social media analytics tools and create a weekly/monthly reporting format to help you keep tabs on results.

Are you ready to build community, create engagement, and drive tangible business results? Get in touch!