Localist – an event technology company whose core product is calendar marketing software – offers the efficiency of a centralized marketing calendar, the power of social sharing tools and the intelligence of analytics to optimize event marketing performance and help organizations manage and promote events to save time and increase engagement.

Localist partners with Geben to establish a leading within the higher education space––helping universities think beyond event calendars and create new channels of engagement with students. 


"[Geben is] such a great pleasure to work with. We very much appreciate our partnership and look forward to our continued collaboration in 2017!"


Geben deployed a public relations strategy that established Localist as a consistent voice – and, ultimately a thought leader – in experiential marketing strategies to increase student engagement in university programming. 

  • Developing relationships with key trade media, and industry influencers 
  • Creating timely and evergreen storylines highlight Localist case studies 
  • Crafting content marketing recommendations to establish the Localist story
  • Identifying event opportunities for Localist to connect directly with industry influencers 



Since beginning our partnership with Localist, Geben has produced 30 placements in a six-month period including thought leadership pieces in key target higher education, marketing, and IT/tech publications.  

  • “College boosts engagement by moving beyond the calendar to the event horizon”
  • “Localist introduces student personalization options for event calendars”
    University Business 
  • “Feeling Connected”
    edtech digest  
  • “Localist introduces student personalization options for higher education event calendars”
    acced-i (Association of Collegiate Conference and Event Directors-International)

By offering Localist’s leadership as event marketing experts to target publications, they’ve been able to effectively explain the impact of their technology that softens the market for their sales rep, ultimately increasing the number of leads and shortening the sales cycle.