Drive Capital

Drive Capital launched a $250 million venture capital fund in 2014 – making it the largest VC fund between NYC and San Francisco. Within one year, they invested in five Midwest startups and added three partners to their leadership team, plus launched a college-focused RV tour to connect with young talent in Ohio, Michigan in Pennsylvania.


Recognizing that PR would be critical in establishing the company’s reputation as the leading Midwest venture capital partner (key to generating new investment opportunities and attracting talent to their portfolio companies), Drive tasked Geben with securing coverage in major tech and business press coinciding with each of their major announcements, plus helping the company maintain a steady stream of editorial coverage in between.



Geben secured 150 media placements between February and September 2014, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg West, FOX Business, TechCrunch, Upstart Business Journal, USA Today and, most impressive, a cover story in Forbes magazine. Coverage also included placements in business news outlets in Drive’s target demographics (e.g., Columbus Business First, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, Pittsburgh Business Times, Milwaukee Business Journal, etc.), plus relevant industry publications like Fortune’s Term Sheet, Reuters peHUB,, The Venture Capital Dispatch and MSN Money.